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Lydia Forson talks about her role in 'Scorned - Lydia Forson talks about her role in 'Scorned'

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  • Zina Added My dear Lydia, I loved u the first time i watched your movie, THE PERFECT PICTURE. Dear, this is your opportunity to become a star? Just take time, relax, be flexible and due with every interview. Be more nice, act like u are laways ready for it. Keep it up dear, more greec to your elbows?
  • Irene Added U may hve said it all b4 Lydia but not every1 has even heard of U. U hve 2take every interview as an opportunity to showcase urself. That’s show business darling. All the best do it - they say the same things a million times but always with enthusiasm. The attitude U displayed is no way to become a legend. If you can’t manage these 2 by 4 interviews u do, how Ru goin 2get anywhere near hollywood?
  • bbsamedi Added LOLOL!!!!!
    Lydia guess you are eerwhere now, SCORNED was beautiful!!!!!!!
    This aint your best interview yet though!!!!