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Documentary - The Facade of the American Dream

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This is the story on the people who have existed and thrived in their land for thousands and thousands of years before they were kidnapped, tortured, chained, raped, and enslaved. This is the African who was stolen from his motherland and civilization and had everything taken from him. His language, his culture, his religion, his family and his identity. Tens of millions of this native Africans died during the enslavement. The descendants of those enslaved black people are today’s so-called African-Americans. The people who had to fight hard against social segregation and for racial equality and not until few years ago were their rights recognized at least on paper. The blacks are still being heavily discriminated against and are more often than subjects of police brutality and judicial injustice. They make up the great majority of inmates in the US where more than any other country, people are incarcerated in the privatized prison industry. They are being systematically treated as second hand citizens.
Although there is now a black man in the White House but the American dream is all but a façade for the black people of this country.

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